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tattooer from Melbourne Australia
Im currently working from Lucky 13 tattoo, 13 Burwood hwy, Burwood (03) 9888 8668.



For ADULTS ONLY AND artists, atheists and adventurers, beatnics, bohemians and brights, crazies and cool-cats, dharma bums, dreamers and dancers, evolutionaries, eroto-maniacs and eco-warriors, free-thinkers and freaks, libertarians, loners and libertines, mystics and mayhem-surfers, poets, punks and pagans, renegades, ravers and rockers, queers, shamans and science-fiction nuts, trippers, trancers and tricksters, wanderers and wankers, yogis, zorros, zippies and zen.

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    Ship by Rob Mopar

    Ship by Rob Mopar

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